Playful Landscapes

At Paisajes L├║dicos we specialize in the personalized design of unique, creative and innovative play areas that constantly challenge known limits, to generate new perspectives and perceptions of reality.

Our projects are the starting point to generate research and development (R & D) in the field of the design of recreational spaces and structures, creating industrial models, invention patents and specialized publications.


Leticia Paschetta

Since I was little I loved to play. I was extremely curious and I was very enthusiastic branches: art, science, mathematics, literature, astronomy, geography, biology, carpentry, theater, build, invent … I always felt, a certain need to navigate the boundaries and combine extremes, creating spaces and situations unexpected

I graduated as an architect, I did a master’s degree in design and I was transiting my profession with the conviction that a professional career can be built as a space that is customized, new, challenging and free. I have always tried to pay attention to the feelings that are shaping the way I walk; For more than enunciating them sometimes they would be delirious, like the first time I said “I want to be a playful architect” or “I want to be an inventor”.
Today I could say that what fascinates me the most is exploring the possibility of changing the way someone lives, studies, works, dreams, plays, feels.

In addition to inventing playful landscapes, I am a professor of structures in the university, where I try to transmit passion to students. In my workspace there are fabrics, models and seam molds, with programs of structural analysis; and that is something that I find fascinating.